Coming vey soon …

If you are balancing babies and business, we will have a training course for you very soon …

Our mission is to help Mothers adapt into Motherhood with ease and flow this including her career.

We know in the day and age we live in, Mothers often still have to work or feel they want to, to contribute to the household and have some of their own time away from being a mum.

We are aiming to help Mums learn new skills, start a career in a more holistic slow paced relaxed job and working the hours they choose doing a job they love and using their true divine powers as a woman to care for others.

Our training will be self paced online for some of the modules and some modules provided in your own home or one of our group training centres and where possible your babies will be allowed to attend also.

You may already be in the Massage Therapy industry or Baby Classes industry , you might just want to enhance your treatments or add to your treatment menu or even join our team of therapists at The Baby Retreat.

If you are interested send me an email and I will provide you with some more information.