If attending a Baby Class isn’t for you then why not consider your own private session, either with friends or just you and baby.

Deluxe Private Session

£45 for 90 mins

including either Full Baby Massage Routine, 15 min mummy treat.


45 mins Baby Massage routine and Mummy Treatment 45 mins.

Ideal if you would like lots of time to practise and pamper yourself or to share the time with friends.

Luxury Private Session

£30 for 60 mins

60 mins full Baby Massage Routine


45 mins Baby massage routine and 15 mins pamper time.

Ideal for some precious time just you and baby and I can guide you through it with ease.

Mini Private Session

£23 for 45 mins

45 mins Baby Massage routine


30 mins massage routine and 15 mins Pamper time.

Ideal if you lead a busy life and dont have time but would still like some time with baby.

  • Pamper Time can be a head massage, seated back massage, hand or foot exfoliation and massage or Reiki session.
  • I will need 5 minutes to set up for the Baby Massage session
  • if you would like to have friends round and want to split the time I can do that but the pamper time will be split between the amount of people.
  • maximum group session numbers 4
  • Please speak to me if you have any additional requirements.