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We understand…

As we are specifically for mums we understand if your little one needs a feed or cuddle mid massage, we understand if nature calls, we understand if you get emotional during your treatment. We have plenty time to make sure you get the whole treatment you have earned it! 

Common Postnatal Complications

So great you have arrived into motherhood, however which way you have got here and you body and mind has been through a lot! Firstly Well done you ! This tends to be the part where everyone fusses over the Baby and the Mothers get forgotten a little bit. 

There is a lovely quote I read thats says “Everyone holds the baby, but who holds the Mum?” I like to think this is my role! 

So let’s talk about the things you might be going through.

  • Are you suffering with Physical problems still from the birth?
  • Aches and pains and tears or a C Section scar?
  • Are feeling weak from the complete body effort it took to deliver you precious bundle?
  • Are you feeling anxious or depressed with everything you have been through or finding it difficult to get use to your new life and responsibilities? 
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed with your situation and can’t rest for worrying?
  • Are you struggling with the sleep deprivation?
  • Are you worried about ur breast milk and if you are producing enough?
  • Are you feeling emotional and alone like no one understands exactly how you’re feeling?

These are all completely normal symptoms when you have been through childbirth but they can all be healed with time and to help speed up this time frame Massage therapy can help the process. Postnatal Massage is specially designed for New Mums and can be tailored to suit your individual needs.

Postnatal Massage Benefits

Postnatal Massage hosts a wide range of benefits for your mind body and sole, to heal the body and return to full health. These are just some of the benefits of Postnatal Massage.

  • Postnatal Massage speeds up the healing response in the body
  • Postnatal Massage helps Anxiety and depression by stimulating the feel good hormones.
  • Postnatal Massage is beneficial for treating postpartum depression
  • Massage greatly improves postpartum hormone balance.
  • Prolactin and oxytocin hormone levels rise to facilitate breastfeeding.
  • massage reduces the stress hormone cortisol.
  • Certain essential oils may also bring hormone and mood balance.

These are just some of the amazing benefits of Postnatal Massage. I believe time is a great healer, however massage helps speed up the process. 


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Sarahs Story…

Sarah struggled to find time for herself and felt overwhelmed and anxious most of the time, so she took advantage of our postnatal bundle and received 4 postnatal massages and baby massage course. It allowed her time for herself with baby close by and specific time to just be present with her baby, to bond and feel more relaxed and able to cope with her new busy mum life

breast feeding mum, bonding with newborn baby.

Chloe’s Story…

Chloe was struggling a little bit with breast feeding, she wasn’t sure her baby was getting enough milk and worrying about it was making her feel worse. She booked in for a postnatal massage as she had heard they could help with her worrying, what Chloe didn’t realise is that massage and relaxation helped the milk flow, as massage releases prolactin and oxytocin hormones which are needed in the production of breast milk.

Postnatal Treatment Menu

woman having a massage seated

Seated Back Massage

This could be an option if you would be uncomfortable on the massage couch if you have had issues during labour or a C section.  

healing postnatal massage, massage therapy, recovery.

Full Body Energy Massage

This massage has been designed to heal and give a boost of extra energy within the body to help you get through the long nights. 

relaxing massage, healing massage, recovery massage therapy.

Full Body Relaxation Massage

This massage has been designed to aid deep relaxation. 

So your baby finally sleeps through the night but you’re still awake ( Sound familiar?) You need your rest too. 

poultice massage, new mums massage. woman relaxing, deep healing.

Poultice Massage

This is a Thai style ritual used on new mothers, little pockets of material filled with healing herbs and heat. The herbs can then be taken home and used in the bath to heal wounds and help the mind rest.

spa facials, woman getting a massage facial.

Spa Facials

We use the award winning Aromatherapy Facial brand Neals Yard Organics. 

Our Facials include: Neck and Shoulder Massage, Face Massage, Head Massage 

woman sleeping after a relaxing massage and facial.

Massage and Facial Bundle

2 hours of pure bliss, Facial and Full Body Massage 

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