When we started in the Baby industry we started by offering Pre and Postnatal Treatments, Baby Retreats, Baby Classes and Parent confidence classes.
We quickly realised there was huge potential to progressed onto making Baby Classes/Courses accessible for all from an online platform so we have developed this and launched Baby Massage in December. 
Now we are looking to expand again …

The Opportunity to work for us!

We are looking for caring people who want to make a big difference in the postnatal world.

We are looking for people who like the freedom of self employment but want to be part of a bigger family community.

We want people who are happy to work flexible hours and have a good work life balance.

We want people who want to work with new mums and babies in the early days and beyond providing support, massage therapy, Postpartum rituals, talking therapies, baby bonding workshops, cleaning services etc to make a real difference to new mums.

If this sounds like you then contact us we need people just like you !

We will provide full accredited training, all your equipment, business support and someone you can always communicate with and with a very low start up costs that we can help you to seek finance for, this could be the career change you need or the fresh start you desire so get in touch!

Hourly rates of pay, working the hours you want to and clients always to hand.

To be the first to know any information then please email me thebabyretreat@yahoo.com

Opportunity 2 – Join our Retreat @ Home

This is to join our Neals Yard Remedies team and retail Neals Yard Remedies. While this is classed as a direct selling company I have changed it up a little and made it my own. Instead of home parties I have made it more of a relaxing experience.
You would gather your own customers to host a Retreat @ Home and you would provide some small treatments and showcase the amazing spa therapy Neals Yard Remedies products. I can show you how a Retreat would run and mini treatments you could perform using the products to help sell them. 
This could be great for Mums gathering, other female groups coming together with friends or family to spend some much needed chill our time.
I can talk you through how it all works and help you find customers or help you have the confidence to have a stall at a fair etc … If you love wellbeing products this is the perfect opportunity as you can earn some money and earn some free products all while having fun and helping others to feel better.
There is a fee of £98 for the starter kit but I can provide more info on it if you.

I wanted to include a little bit about me so you know who it is
you would be working with and if our passions are aligned.
I have been in the Therapy business for 11 years and
I have been self employed for 10 Years.
I have 2 business degrees, one a foundation degree in
management and a BA Hons Degree in Business Leadership.
Pre Mummy life I had a busy award winning therapy business.
I had my little boy 2 years ago and that changed my life forever ! I had a birth trauma and I really struggled postnatally as I had always been a workaholic!
I made it my mission to help others ease into motherhood with more ease and flow and feel confident and empowered. With my ambition to make a difference in the world (even if its just my close by world) I feel my role now is something serious and powerful and on a personal side more fulfilling than my role before.

Motherhood has made me realise I can do anything …but not everything , so I am now looking for my village to come together and do great things for others !
I now currently run 4 businesses around family life ! Through lots of research I have learnt to work smarter not harder.
( little secret I no longer waste time scrolling social media, I am a content creator not a scroller so I use a different system to manage my social media) Social scrolling is now for a little bit on a night when
little one is in bed for my own pleasure.
If you are joined in my mission for making the lives of other Mums better than lets go for coffee and we can work together for change.