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How many weeks pregnant do I need to be to have a massage?

Past 12 weeks and had your first scan to confirm all is ok and treatment is safe to go ahead.

How close to the labour can I have a massage?

Right up until labour is established there is no stopping point at this stage, massage can help ease the starting pains in early labour.

Can Massage help with my Pregnancy aches and pains?

Yes massage can help with all the physical, mental and emotional symptoms of pregnancy, check out our pregnancy section for more infomation.

How many weeks Postnatal do I need to be for a Postnatal Massage?

Postnatal massage can be performed as soon as you are home from hospital or 2 weeks if you have had a c section or complicated birth, to give you time to heal a little. Massage can help stimulate milk production and increase blood flow for a short period of time, just something to bare in mind.

How old does baby have to be to start a baby class?

We recommend babies can start baby massage from birth with certain strokes , moves and holding positions, however our full flow classes we recommend at least 8 weeks and Baby yoga from 12 weeks. This is based on due date if your baby is premature.

General Questions

How do I pay for my treatment ?

If you book online you have the option to pay a deposit or the full amount, or we accept cash and card, we have a mobile paypal card machine.

What areas do you cover?

We are based in Teesside however we do travel to surounding areas and we also have a small studio in Durham that we work from once a week. Please contact us for our schedule.