How can we help?

If you are uncomfortable or in pain pre or post baby, we are for you

If you feel a little overwhelmed with motherhood, we are for you

If you are feeling a little neglected, we are for you

If you are feeling lonely, we are for you

If you are searching for a way to fit into your new life as a Mum, we are for you.

If you believe in natural parenting, we are for you

If you want to be the best parent you can be, we are for you

If you believe in a more holistic way of life and parenting, we are for you

What we do …

Our Treatments have all be designed specifically around Motherhood so we dont mind if baby needs a snuggle or feed during treatment or mother nature calls, we understand if your feeling emotional its ok we get it and will listen with a open ear and heart.

Our mission is to enpower you and give you strength and our full attention during treaments to make you feel like a Queen because you are, you are a life creator nothing is a higher power than that !

Our Baby Classes are designed to be all inclusive to give Mums time to learn and socialise and feel part of a group/tribe. Our classes are baby led so we just go with the flow of baby on the day. We like to go above and beyond to make you feel welcome and comfortable and able to absorb all the infomation you need to take him to do when spending time with your baby.

Our Online Courses are designed to be jammed packed with resources and infomation that you need to learn for a deep understanding of the subject. This can be done along side our in person classes or separate. It allows you access 24/7 to use the videos to practise and learn in your own time in your own space.

Set the Scene . . .


Weather it is in our Retreat Room or in your own home we make every effort to create a space of ambience, from low lighting to comfy towels and throws, candles and decorative pieces to allow your mind to feel calm and restful.

In our Baby Classes we provide a comfortable yoga mat for baby to lye on and a soft cushion for Mum to sit on to feel comfortable sitting on the floor. We offer refreshments and time either side of the class so you never feel rushed to arrive or leave.


We like to use amazing aromas within the room, so from the moment you step in the scent greets you. Our personal favourite room fragrance is Neals Yard Goodnight Pillow mist, it is a dreamy lavender fragrance that makes you breathe a deep sign of relief and let go off all your tention.

We also use pre blended aromatherapy oils to enhance your massage if your would like to deepen the relaxation of your treatment.

In our Baby Massage Class we use coconut oil on babies this is because it is completely safe if baby puts their hands in their mouths but it is also an oil that is close to the natural skin oils so easily absorbed not to mention the amazing suttle scent.


We have a range of music to relax or stimulate your mind while having a treatment. From calm spa music to yoga style spiritual music you can choose depending on what you like and mood you are in in the day.

We include some rhymes and baby songs in our Baby Classes to make interaction with baby fun and stimulating and relaxing.

Little extras…

We always like to go above and beyond to make you feel super special and our main priority in the moment, So we have some little extras we hope will enhance your experience such as an oversized beauty couch with added width to make you feel super comfortable and secure, a heated bed and little samples to take home to continue your treatment at home.

We provide you with Coconut oil for baby massage class so you know it is the right one and completely safe for you little one. We will always have refreshments to enjoy during the class.

How can we help you today?