BaHons, FDA, AET Teacher, Level 5 Qualified Therapist, Level 4 Qualified Maternity Nurse, RCM Approved Qualified Practitioner in Nurturing Care and move all else I am a Mum!

Hi my name is Clare Marie I am a qualified Maternity Nurse. I started my career in the Massage Therapy Industry, However after having my little boy and a birth trauma it has completely changed my life and changed the direction I want my work to go in so I have ventured into the world of pregnancy and postpartum.

My mission is to help mums to prepare and adjust to their life as a mum, making it fun, enjoyable and as stress less as possible!

I am all about empowering Mums to make their own way and be able to communicate and connect with their baby and create a life long secure bond.

I am a go getter, YES type person, with a big heart and open arms, so rest assured I am here to support you throughout and beyond …

With my previous knowledge and skills and my compassion to care I want to truly nurture new Mums and make them feel heard and cared for like a queen, when they are at their most vulnerable.

Now that I have experienced first hand how tough motherhood can be and not only that but real emotional health and physical health complains, I know now what I need to do to love every minute of my work and create more love in the world.

They say hands are the extension of the heart and this says it all to me. ( Deep! I know!) I use my hands to heal, soothe and relax others.

My main purpose is to make all woman feel cared for and build their own strength back up again , I like to think I help woman find their Zen and balance again.

I wanted to share with you the moments that changed my life, so many precious memories, So I completely get it all your highs and lows and the journey through the early days of Motherhood.